End of Life Care: Advance Directives and DNR Orders


The Trust is often asked questions about End of Life Care: Advance Directives and DNR Orders, and this is a regularly evolving area of the law.  Download this presentation  for an overview of end of life law in Virginia, and contact the Trust directly with any specific questions or concerns (434) 296-2100.

HIPAA Compliant Authorization


Generally speaking, any third party, other than a family member or health care provider involved in the patient’s care, who seeks to speak to you about one of your patients must have a signed authorization.  We have provided the blank HIPAA Compliant Authorization (PDF) for download here.

Informed Consent Booklet


Issues surrounding informed consent arise in many medical/legal matters and it is often a topic that is asked about by physicians.   Download our Informed Consent Booklet (PDF) for more information about informed consent.

Current State of Medical Cannabis in Virginia


What changes to Virginia’s medical cannabis laws come into effect on July 1, 2021?



General Rule: Consent of a minor to medical care or treatment is ineffective. A physician must secure the consent of the minor’s custodial parent or a person standing in loco parentis. (Reference: Virginia Code §54.1-2969)

Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship


Unfortunately there are times when for many reasons your relationship with a patient must come to an end.  The Board of Medicine has strict requirements that must be complied with in order for you to terminate an active physician/patient relationship, including written notice, 30 days to find a new provider, and information as to how to obtain medical records.  Please contact the Trust for assistance should you find yourself in this predicament.